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Donating to Agatsu!

Agatsu's main service is to provide a space and opportunity for anyone to be able to understand and learn about mental health as well as prioritize their own mental health. We do this through our Community Centre, located in Pali Village, Bandra. Everything conducted at the Centre is free or at nominal rates. If you donate to us, your contribution will go towards ensuring that we are able to continue providing everything that we do for free to the entire community. 
We believe that along with the knowledge and skills one can learn, having a space where everyone present is also working towards their mental wellbeing is crucial to the process. We're collectively working on our own wellbeing as well as implicitly and explicitly providing support to the others who come to the Centre. 
If we may say so ourselves, the Community Centre facilitates human connection and a safe space that helps us all heal and thrive!

Any and all contributions are deeply appreciated.
We want to live in a world where we are all emotionally and mentally more healthy, living to our full potential - whatever that may mean. If that's a world you'd like to live in too, let's do it together!


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