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Welcome to Agatsu Foundation’s clinic!

“Psychotherapy is an ongoing tug-of-war between a part of us that seeks to change and a part of us that strives to preserve the known and familiar, however painful that may be.
As therapists, we side with the forces seeking growth.”

- Jonathan Shedler

At Agatsu Foundation’s clinic,

we offer two types of therapy.


HAP, a low intensity, short term psychological intervention and Psychodynamic therapy, a high intensity, long term psychological intervention.

When a patient enters Agatsu's clinic, they will first be offered the HAP service. If required and based on a collaborative decision between the counsellor and patient, the patient may be stepped up to Psychodynamic therapy.

HAP (Healthy Activity Programme)

is a psychological intervention designed by Sangath to address depression and depressive symptoms.


There is a link between our thoughts, actions and feelings. HAP focuses on our actions and teaches problem-solving skills to alleviate symptoms and equip us to help ourselves. It is administered by HAPcounsellors and usually lasts 6-8 sessions.

How does it work?
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Psychodynamic therapy

or psychoanalytical psychotherapy is a school of therapy derived from psychoanalysis, just as all therapy is.


The purpose of psychodynamic therapy is to loosen the bonds of past experiences to give us more freedom and choice in our present and future lives - whether that means helping us with a specific, painful problem or with general personal growth.

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How does it work?
Agatsu offers IN-PERSON therapy at our clinic in Bandra, Mumbai. We are open to any and all communities and people. Consultations and therapy is conducted in English and Hindi. Please note we do not conduct any online therapy.
Tuesday to Sunday - 11:00am to 7:00pm 
To book a consultation
Kindly give us 2 working days to get back to you to schedule your first session.
If you have an urgent requirement, please click on the link below for additional resources.

The duration of the consultation session and therapy sessions will be 50 minutes each and at a sliding scale from Rs. 750 to Rs. 50 - as per the patient's capacity to pay.

For queries, call or message on +91 9167792077
Address: 51, Pali Village, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050
“Without hope, there can be no therapy.”
- Jonathan Shedler


More about HAP and it's efficacy.


Consultations, sessions, procedures, fees, cancellations etc.

psychodynamic therapy

More about psychodynamic therapy and it's efficacy.

additional resources

Helpline Nos., Psychologists, Psychiatrists and more...

ethics code & Complaints

Agatsu and all our psychologists follow a strict ethics code.

Points to note

Points to note about therapy at Agatsu

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