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What's your pledge for hope?

This World Suicide Prevention Day, let's learn and understand what we all can do in our personal capacities to foster hope and connection; doing our bit in the prevention of suicide.

Come for our on the 10th of September!

Light a candle at 8pm in acknowledgement of Suicide Awareness. If you're comfortable with it, take a picture and tag us to further spread the message across digital platforms - agatsufoundation, the.outlive.project and weareyuvaa

Or if you miss it, go to to learn more about suicide and suicide prevention so you can make your pledge too!

We'd love to hear your pledges and what became of them.

Let us know in the comments below!

Agatsu's pledge for this year is to make 500 people aware about suicide and suicide prevention as well as make a safety plan with them.

Help is out there!

Tele MANAS 14416

Scan for resources

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