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The entities of my Mind.

One of my favourite Bengali folk songs talks about the human mind beautifully.

It says that our mind is inhabited by a lot of entities. One of them is an amazing painter. It plays with colours and shades and paints a beautiful picture But another inhabitant of the same mind destroys the painting the very next moment. One of the entities starts humming a beautiful tune and another one adds peppy beats to it. But the third one hits a completely off key tune and ruins the beautiful melody. It’s all in the same mind. We don’t even realise how many minds have made place in our mind. Sometimes the mind gets drunk on a whole lot of thoughts and starts wandering in different directions, not knowing where to go, what to do, what to really focus on or think. Then again, one of the inhabitants residing in our mind gets a hold of our wandering mind and tells us what to focus on.

We all have so many conversations with ourselves on a daily basis. Sometimes we don’t know which conversation to trust.

That’s the difference between mind and brain. Brain tells us facts. Mind tells us stories.

Brain processes information that it receives and simply gives an answer based on that information.

But mind…mind is an artist.. it’s a story teller. It adds its sprinkles of imagination, magic, humour, darkness, fantasies, deepest fears, strongest beliefs, consciousness, subconscious elements and presents to us an amalgamation of it all.

I feel like the mind has a mind of its own.

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